Sanctuary Art Show – Theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven: Discovering Divine Nature in Humble Places

Phil Adams, Photographer

“The Gospel reading for the Feast of All Saints is the starting point for this collection of images. In the Beatitudes, Christ teaches his followers to look for his kingdom in unlikely places.

A sizeable portion of my work as a fine art photographer does precisely this. In particular, I have found that there is much to be discovered in the humble, hidden, and neglected. Long walks early in the morning help me to examine overlooked beauty in a quiet, reflective manner. The moments that I capture often generate questions for me about the rise and fall of neighborhoods, how people relate to their world in time and space, and the evidence that they leave behind, giving us glimpses into their lives. Recurring themes in my work include resilience, the fragility of life, impermanence, and our response to suffering.

It is my hope that as you view these images, you will discover your own questions, and find beauty in the frail, the overlooked, the ignored.”

Phil Adams is a photographer living and working in the south end of Columbus, Ohio. His subject matter is an interpretation of the world of the streets and alleys where he walks on a daily basis, usually including streetscapes, found objects, abstractions of surfaces, and occasionally people. The motivation driving his work is to connect with the outside world through evocation of shared experience, awareness of community, and documentation of the human condition, both literally and figuratively.

An artist’s reception will be held in the church on Friday, October 27, 7-9 PM. All are welcome to attend. 

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