Register for the Nehemiah Action

You are invited to join us in making the world a better place, via zoom, right from your own home! On Tuesday, May 11th, several thousand Columbus residents will log on to meet with elected officials and encourage them to adopt proven solutions to problems in the areas of affordable housing, jobs, gun violence and police reform. The proposed solutions have been carefully researched and explained to these officials prior to May 11th by the organization known as BREAD (Building Responsibility, Equality and Dignity). BREAD is comprised of people from diverse faith groups all over Central Ohio. Since their founding in 1996 they have contributed to problem solving in a variety of areas including abandoned housing, transportation, education, truancy, neighborhood clean-up, and treatment teams and halfway houses for folks affected by mental illness. BREAD Rises!
If you would like more information about BREAD, or the solutions we are proposing, please go the website, or like us on Facebook at Bread Organization.

To register to attend the Nehemiah Action, and learn more about the event, follow this link:

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