Give Online

The Diocese has created a means by which people can give online to any of our parishes. If you would like to make a gift to St. Stephen’s, you can click on this link. Make sure you select St. Stephen’s, Columbus in the dropdown menu.

Being a campus parish, I am particularly concerned about the financial wherewithal of students and adjunct faculty. With the campus closed, they are without their work-study jobs or, in the case of adjuncts, uncertain about what online teaching will look like and if it will require the university to reduce the number of adjuncts it employs. I am also deeply concerned about the people in the parish who work in the hospitality and restaurant industries.

Fortunately, many parishioners have designated gifts to the rector’s discretionary fund, which will allow me to help people in need. If you would like your online gift to be designated to the discretionary fund, simply send a follow-up email saying as much to after you make your gift.