Midday Prayer During the Covid-19 Outbreak at 12:30 PM Every Day Except Sunday

Please note, because open Zoom meetings across the country have been attacked by internet trolls (whom we shall pray for following the commandment to love our enemies), we are password protecting this prayer service. Please email The Rev. Karl Stevens (rector@ststephens-columbus.org) and he will happily give you the password.

We are holding Midday Prayer at 12:30 PM every day during the Covid- 19 outbreak. 12:30 PM is our usual time for Noonday Prayer on Wednesdays, and we would like to keep our traditions as alive as possible. We’ll be using Zoom for this, and everyone is welcome to join us.  The invitation is below. In order to join via video, just click the link right below “Join Zoom Meeting.” You can join through your web browser or download the app when they ask you if you’d like to. You can also call in using any of the numbers below. We won’t be able to see your beautiful face, but we will be able to hear your voice. We will be sharing the screen so that you’ll be able to see the ordo for the whole service while in Zoom.

Join Zoom Meeting by clicking this link:

You might need to enter a password. Please email Karl to receive the password.

You can also join by calling this number:

When you do, you’ll be asked to enter this meeting ID:
Meeting ID: 310 361 763

You might also be asked to enter the password. Please email Karl to receive the password.

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