Mignonne Whitlow to be Inducted into the Society of St. Simeon & St. Anna

The Society of St. Simeon and St. Anna celebrates exemplary Christian ministry. The purpose of the society is to recognize, honor, and celebrate the wisdom, experience, maturity, and achievements of older persons in the Diocese of Southern Ohio. Inductees are selected due to their being living examples of Christian witness whose compassionate lives serve as examples of faithfulness to the gospel of Christ Jesus. We’re so glad that Mignonne has been selected. She will be inducted this Wednesday, May 17th, during a ceremony at the Procter Center. Please join us in congratulating Mignonne!

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  1. Deedee Santilli Leighty

    Congratulations! Thank you for being a bright light in our faith community.

  2. Joseph Rutter

    Congratulations to my dear friend Mignonne Whitlow on receiving such recognition of her witness, dedication and hard work by furthering the mission of the Church and Our Lord’s call to live as Beloved Community!

  3. Ralph Richter

    Congratulations to you for your well-earned recognition, with our church and our communities. Your Christian service has made a wonderful difference in the lives of everyone you have touched, including me… Thank you!

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