Meet Katherine Hayhoe: Christian Climate Scientist

Dr. Katherine Hayhoe is a climate scientist, a collaborative researcher, a climate change educator, a public speaker. an advisor and advocate to global organizations, an influential author, and a devout Christian.* Her mission is bridging the gap between climate science and the beliefs of climate deniers, especially evangelicals. In her bestselling book, “Saving Us: A Climate Scientist’s Case for Hope and Healing in a Divided World,” she not only lays out the challenges but provides a plan for hopeful action and a way to talk peacefully and effectively to those who dismiss climate change. The latter is also the subject of her famous TED talk which has had over four million viewers. She is also a strong advocate for action as an answer to climate anxiety, which is reflected in her weekly newsletter.

Her newsletter, “Talking Climate with Katherine Hayhoe” is divided into three parts: “The Good News” which points toward actions which raise our hopes, including links to take a deeper dive; “Not So Good News” which summarizes the climate setbacks of the week and points to links that explain why and what could be done; and “What You Can Do,” giving directions and resources from week to week on different actions you can take to address the climate crisis before us.

And speaking of resources, her website has a FAQ page that is one of the best for discovering ways you can address climate change, from information about the science, to advice to parents and teachers, to people seeking a career, to how to have non-polarizing conversations, to finding good videos, to what we can do personally, and much more. I have not before seen such a comprehensive resource made for ordinary, concerned citizens. Check out this one excerpt.

If you are concerned about climate heating, how to talk about it, what actions you can take, this is a must-read newsletter. Here’s how to subscribe.

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