Learn About the Use of Liturgical Colors

Joe Rutter shared this very informative article about the use of liturgical colors on the website Know Tea.

Some of you are not familiar with the use of color in liturgical worship, and others have grown up with these colors but don’t know why we use certain colors on certain days.

First: color shapes our perception. Decorators can attest to how significant a color change in a room can be, or how the “right” color can transform an otherwise drab living space. It’s the same with our worship space: when we change the colors of the paraments (more on these in a moment) and the banners, we change the “mood” of the room. The colors we choose can help carry the message of the Scripture lessons for that Sunday (and the lectionary readings are the basis for liturgical worship, as I have written about before), or they can detract from it. When we change the colors in the worship space, we are trying to “say” the same thing visually that the Scriptures, when they are read and proclaimed, are saying to our ears.

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