Jesus: Financial Advisor

Last Sunday I had the privilege to preach on Luke 16:1-13, that puzzling parable about a house-manager who seems to be giving away his master’s money when he is fired. You can read the sermon here.
I concluded by summing up Jesus’ advice on how his followers should use their wealth:

  • Invest what wealth you have in organizations and businesses that promote economic justice and care for creation
  • Invest your time and energy by personally caring for the “least” of this world, including other species
  • Be sure the values you express in your work-place and social interactions are clear reflections of your commitment to Jesus
  • Most important, choose whom you serve. Don’t divide your loyalty. Don’t try to serve God and Mammon.

There are a wealth of ideas and sources online where you can in invest your money in ways that don’t harm the environment. Green America has a helpful group of articles about divestment and reinvestment. As for banking, most large nationwide banks continue to invest in fossil fuel companies. If you want an option that does not, check out a local credit union.
Many organizations would love to have you joining their work to save the planet.

And Simply Living publishes newsletters that tell you about earth friendly/earth protecting events for individuals and families going on in Columbus during the following week. It’s a good way to learn about local environmental organizations.

Thanks for your commitment to caring for God’s creation!

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