It’s Still Plastic Free July

You can still do your part to reduce the world’s plastic glut by signing up for the official Plastic Free July newsletters with tips on avoiding single use plastic and reducing plastic in your home.

If you live in the Columbus, Ohio area, you will find lots of people and businesses supporting a reduced plastic lifestyle, as this article in The Columbus Dispatch shows.

You can also shop at both local and online stores for plastic alternatives. Locally try Koko at Westgate or Reuse Revolution in Dublin. There are lots of choices online. One national effort, Loop US, partners with major retailers like Walgreens and Krogers to deliver brands sold in the stores to your door in reusable containers. When the containers are empty, you schedule a pickup so that Loop US can sterilize and reuse them. I like Smile Boutiques, not only for the products, but for their creative, completely compostable and recyclable packaging. You can find many more suggestions in a couple of my older articles, Lifestyle Change Resources for Central Ohio and Sustainable Clothing Shopping.

Keep up the good work of reducing your use of plastic, and thank you for your commitment to creation care!


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