Fossil Fuel’s Fight to Slow Climate Action

It’s all coming out into the open now. For decades fossil fuel companies have known about the disastrous effects their products would have on the earth’s climate. Instead of figuring out how to mitigate those effects, they buried the science and tried to convince us that individual efforts were necessary to solve pollution problems. They lobbied congress to keep incentivizing oil, gas and coal production. Today, as tough climate legislation appears to be a real possibility, they are attempting to sabotage it in favor of a plan that climate scientists say would raise the temperature of the planet not the 1.5°C that might save us from the worst effects of climate change, but 3°C, which might put these companies, and the rest of us, out of business. All for the sake of keeping business as usual for as long as possible.
It’s important for Christians who care for the earth and future generations to keep aware of what the fossil fuel companies are doing, and to take action against it. If you’re the media type, watch this video from Late Night with Seth Meyers. Or subscribe to the podcast, The ABCs of Big Oil, from Google Play or Apple Podcasts. Write Senators Portland and Brown about your support of tough climate change legislation. And if you really want to throw a monkey wrench into fossil fuel’s greenwashing, you can join the greentrolling community to call out the fabrications in fossil fuel advertising online.
Thanks for whatever you do to keep informed and do the work of Creation Care!


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