Epiphany Art Show – A Light So Lovely

During the Season of Epiphany, photographer John Holliger show “A Light So Lovely” is on display in the Sanctuary. The show features photographs and poems (both by John and others) that have followed with and shaped his spiritual journey over the years. The show will be on display until Ash Wednesday.

Artist’s Statement

Is there a way to live in an occupied country of fear and violence? What might be the Way for a creative, imaginative life in such a country? From my earliest years I leave the front door behind and sense a longing, a yearning for something more, something deeper, something larger than myself. I trust in the presence of a shimmering love, opening a way forward, sometimes when sloshing in a marsh; walking the beach of Lake Erie, lying on my stomach along a my stream, turning over small stones to see who scurries away, softly stroking boughs of Frazier pine. The marsh, the lake a stream, hanging boughs of trees offer themselves as thresholds of beauty, in nature, poetry, arts, as I listen and look attentively, in seasons apart and in solitude. Who are your companions of beauty, thresholds for you, doorways to creating a life in a realm other than fear?Has it been too long since you have walked the way of beauty?

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