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I don’t know where you get your news about climate change and environmental issues. I subscribe to quite a few newsletters. Sometimes I find something I want to highlight in this article, but some of them, though they inform me about what’s going on, don’t usually inspire me to share. However, I realize that my taste is unique to me, so I want to let you know about some e-newsletters that might be of interest to you.
If you are into politics, subscribe to “Grist.” Their weekly newsletter will fill you in on what the government and corporations are doing about climate change and where the world’s environmental hotspots (sometimes literally) are. If you like “long form” journalism on a variety of environmental issues subscribe to Yale Environment 360. And if you like more “magazine style” newsletters with articles on a variety of environmental topics, you might enjoy The Environmental Magazine. All of these newsletters are free, though you can expect to be frequently asked to contribute. Finally, my favorite is the weekly newsletter from Bill McKibben, “The Climate Crisis.” It is from The New Yorker, but you can subscribe to the newsletter for free without subscribing to the magazine. Just scroll down to the very bottom of the page. The more we’re informed about the climate crisis, the better we’ll be enabled to fight it.
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  1. Joe Rutter

    Thanks for sharing this information Elliott.. I’ve been a Nature Conservancy supporter for several years, and I find the magazine format of their periodic publications to be the right amount of detail, imagery, and scope for my interest. I also like that they are continually working to revert and restore large tracts of land to a more natural and wildlife sustaining state. And I look for articles in the press, NYTs in particular, which helps me stay abreast of political aspects of environmental care.

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