Drum Circle on April 20th

Saint Stephen’s will be holding a drum circle on April 20th at 2:00 PM in the sanctuary.

A few weeks ago, a small group gathered to drum together on a Saturday morning. As one person kept the beat in time with the human heart, the rest of us were able to experiment, find our own rhythms, and joyfully listen to each other. The dynamic of the circle (pun intended) taught us about community, as one person would try something and others would take it up, some people would play softly so that other people could play loudly, and rhythms found a way of complimenting and interweaving with each other. It also taught us about our individual selves, as the mood that each of us brought into the circle was reflected, and then changed, by the drumming.

On Saturday, April 20th, we will expand the circle, inviting anyone to join us. Please register below if you can come. And if you have your own drum, please bring it.

Do you have your own drum?

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