COP26 Is Over. What next?
Dominika Zarzycka/NurPhoto

There have been varied reactions to COP26. Indigenous peoples, who had a large presence in Glasgow, were not happy with the final document, as reported in The Guardian:
“Indigenous communities facing a surge in land grabs, water shortages and human rights violations as a result of the Cop26 deal have accused world leaders of sacrificing them in order to postpone meaningful climate action and shield corporate profits. The Critics warn that the new global carbon-trading market will incentivize countries and corporations to offset – rather than cut – emissions responsible for global heating by investing in so-called green energy projects, which are linked to environmental destruction, forced displacement, arbitrary arrests and even murder.” The Guardian, November 16, 2021

But not all organizations concerned with climate change were as unhappy. The Natural Resources Defense Council found four helpful steps the nations were willing to take.

Still, the United Nations predicted that the agreement was not tough enough to reduce global heating to 1.5°c. We who care about the effect of our actions on future generations need to do active lobbying before COP27 next year. Write to the White House. Write your member of Congress. If you patronize a bank or insurance company that supports fossil fuel companies, write to the CEO in protest. It’s important to keep the pressure on.

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