Christmas Flowers for Our Friends

At Christmas, as at Easter, it is traditional for us to receive donations designated for use in support of the the floral decorations in the church on those special occasions. It is also a Saint Stephen’s tradition that, once the special celebrations in church are completed, flowers are taken to those who are home bound or in hospital.

This year the “home bound” label applies to most of us, and our Christmas worship will be online only this season. We are decorating none the less, and also plan to follow the traditions as best we can.

If you have regular contact with a friend or relation who would find a nice poinsettia cheering during Christmastide, and you want to come by the church to pick one up to take to them after the Sunday service on December 27th or sometime during the day on Monday December 28th, please send an email to Joe Rutter and copy the Parish Administrator. Please include your contact information including a phone and also the name(s) of the person(s) to receive flowers.

If you want to suggest someone to receive a flower, but you are unable to take it to them yourself, we can do that in your stead if you arrange with the person to be receiving it and let us know the same details as above. Please keep in mind that, in the pandemic period, there are restrictions on taking things into many facilities, so please check on those considerations before asking us to schedule a delivery.

It is regrettable that doing something so simple as gifting someone with a flower requires so much planning, but we must remain hopeful that the new year will bring us deliverance from this sad situation.

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