Children’s Church Tentatively Scheduled to Resume on September 19th

We’ve heard from some parents that they are anxious for Children’s Formation to resume, and from all parents, and all people, really, that they are anxious about the Delta Variant. So we’ve decided to wait until September 19th to both resume Children’s Church and to invite children back into the rest of our Sunday morning worship. We’ve set this date because it’s roughly three weeks after the start of the school year, which will give us time to assess whether school mitigation efforts are succeeding in keeping children safe. If they’re safe at school, they should be safe at church, if we follow the same rigorous procedures that the schools do. If there is a spike in cases after the resumption of school, we will reassess. But for now, Children’s Formation will resume on Sunday, September 19th.

This year we would like to mix things up by inviting people in our congregation to lead activities, lessons, service projects, or share their talents with our children in other ways on Sundays. This can include playing music, teaching us how to cook a special meal, packing lunches for those in need, teaching a craft or skill, or sharing stories. We would like to do these activities once or twice a month. If you or someone you know would like to volunteer your time with us, please let Darien know so he can schedule a time! The best way to contact him is by email.

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