Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry is everything it means to be a university church as well as what we do in relationship with the Ohio State University. It is both intrinsic to our identity and it is chaplaincy. It is both location and advocacy. It is reaching out in love to our nearest neighbors – the students, faculty, employees, and administers – that city within a city next door.

St. Stephens is located right inside the OSU campus; to passersby, we might even look like a university building! This location is central to our identity; we minister to the campus because the campus is our local community. We also minister with the campus, because the OSU community is rich in wisdom and resourcefulness.

We wish to minister to and with the whole campus- students, faculty, and staff- but it is mostly students who actually live in and around campus, so we are particularly drawn to build connections with this city of young adults that surround us.

On Wednesday nights, 6:30pm we have a student focused service. In this service, we have deep study of scripture, prayers, and a family style dinner.

Sunday worship is central to Christian faith, and so it is no surprise that many students find their home at Sunday morning services- at 8:30 and 10:30am.

If you live, work, or study at OSU, we invite you to get involved with our campus ministries. We would like to hear from you- What are your community’s great needs? What are hopes for your community?

Contact Deacon Jared Talbot ( if you would like to discuss this and/or learn more.