Our YAMS group is a vibrant and active community of people under 30. Many are students, but an equal number are people who are in their first years of work and establishing themselves in the world. We look to scripture and Episcopal tradition to answer the questions of young adulthood, which we distill into three parts:

What work will help give my life meaning?
Who will I love and who will love me?
What place or places will I call home?

St. Stephens is located right inside the OSU campus; to passersby, we might even look like a university building! This location is central to our identity; we minister to the campus because the campus is our local community. We also minister with the campus, and delight in the wisdom and resourcefulness of the OSU community.

If you live, work, or study at OSU, we invite you to get involved with our Young Adult Ministries. Contact the Rev. Brice Patterson, our Deacon and Campus Minister for more information. And check below for news of current and upcoming events.