BREAD Statement and Actions following the killing of Andre Hill

Andre Hill was killed by police December 22, 2020. BREAD released the following statement and followed up with a daylight vigil calling for police reform actions.

B.R.E.A.D. Statement on the Killing of Andre Hill
We are deeply concerned about the continued killings of African American men by law enforcement in Columbus, Ohio. We understand that details surrounding this tragedy are just beginning to surface. However, cell phones and sandwiches are not weapons. We join the cries of our African American members and the rest of the community in grieving. We will continue to fight for changes within the culture of law enforcement in this city.
Our police reform committee is in the early stages of researching best practices for preventing such senseless murders. We stand with Mayor Andrew Ginther in calling for an open, thorough, and transparent investigation into this situation. The Ohio Attorney General’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) should conduct this investigation with the goal of informing the public fully of the circumstances of the community member’s death.
We call on Mayor Ginther to implement ALL of the recommendations from the Community Safety Advisory Commission, especially those which strengthen police training and increase public accountability for police actions. It is our desire to meet with Mayor Ginther on Zoom in the very near future to discuss solutions to this ongoing issue and to receive a pledge from him to work with us on every one of the community issues that we are addressing.
In conclusion, B.R.E.A.D. will also continue to work with other organizations that focus on long-term solutions to these divisions between law enforcement and the community. We will continue to work for accountability and solutions to all types of violence in our neighborhoods. As people of faith, we will continue to do the hard work of justice and provide long-term solutions that will make justice possible for people in all of our Central Ohio neighborhoods.

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