Becoming a Creation Advocate

The last of our Season of Creation talks at worship was by member Michelle Pham, an environmental activist as well as a graduate student at OSU in entomology with a specific focus on bees and the challenges they face in this age of shrinking biodiversity.
She spoke about her commitments to working to end the climate crisis by lobbying and demonstrating. She suggested many ways we can become climate advocates by creating a list of some of her favorites both on campus and national.

Jessica Craven, the writer of Chop Wood/Carry Water on Substack, is a big promoter of lobbying officials. She provides information about issues , sample letters, and talking points in her weekday articles. To make it easy for you to reach a state or local official I’ve edited the Franklin County Board of Election Roster to include official addresses and phone numbers. You’ll want to download or print it here.

In a recent newsletter, Katherine Hayhoe also created a list based on ones situation in life (parent, nature lover, religion, age group, involved citizen) where you might find a lobbying group that meets your needs. I’ve put together a list of Ohio and national environmental organizations that you could join to put your creation care commitment into action.

To influence others, write a letter to the editor at the Columbus Dispatch. Politicians read them. You may not get published the first time, but keep on writing. Eventually your letter may be chosen.

And finally, you can join a protest or march to draw media attention to the urgency of addressing the climate crisis.

It’s time to get to work. Many politicians are unable to move fast enough to stop climate disaster because their campaigns are funded by donations from fossil fuel companies and organizations, and because they are pressured by constituents who are climate deniers. Only overwhelming lobbying by climate advocates will get them moving quickly enough to meet global warming goals. So please pick a way to lobby and join an organization that will support your lobbying. The future of creation depends on it.

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