Announcements for the week of February 14 2016

Upcoming Congregational Activities

Sun, Feb. 21- after the 10:30am service: BREAD Team meeting

Fri, Feb. 26- 7pm -9pm EASE Gallery opening

Sat, Feb. 27 –10:00 am – 4:00 pm: Swap Shop for our Sisters –see Jeff Watters for details

Sun, Feb. 28 – after the 10:30 am service -ANNUAL MEETING and Potluck


Ponderings of the Interim Rector

On Ash Wednesday, we are all invited to a Holy Lent.  A Holy Lent….which can be kept in many ways.  We can take on certain disciplines of prayer or study.  We can “give things up” in a discipline of fast.  In my sermon for Ash Wednesday morning, I offered another suggestion, which deepened in its resolve this morning.  I had mentioned in my sermon that the fragility of life has been very close to me lately.  Several of our parishioners have lost loved ones in the last few weeks and have asked us to pray for them…one was 38, one was 32, several had lived into old age.  This past week a good friend of mine and former Sr. Warden in Marietta died unexpectedly.  Yesterday, my best friend’s mother had a stroke. This morning my oldest son called to say that my ex-husband is on life support due to pneumonia gone out of control.


Ash Wednesday reminds us that we are dust and to dust we shall return.  Despite all the advances we have made in science and medicine, we do not live forever.  It behooves us, then, to make the time we have with one another a holy and blessed time.  A good friend of mine had a prayer/blessing that I share with you and encourage you to carry with you in your hearts this Lent.


Brothers and Sisters,

Life is short and we haven’t much time

To gladden the hearts of those who travel with us.

So be swift to love and make haste to be kind.

And may the blessing of God be with you always.


In Christ,



Vestry and Convention Delegate Voting!

Voting for Vestry and Convention Delegates starts this Sunday, February 14.  The 8 individuals running for the 4 Vestry openings are:  Agnes Burris, Edward Lasseigne, Brad Oglesby, Kaitlyn Raver, Joe Rutter, Wayne Sheppard, Norm Wernet and Rob Wood.   The 5 individuals running for the 4 Diocesan convention lay delegate positions are: Rae Fellows, Edward Lasseigne, Janet McNaughton, Norm Wernet, and Mignonne Whitlow.   Voting will take place for 3 consecutive Sundays, concluding with the Sunday of the annual meeting, February 28.



On a cold and snowy night in February….38 brave souls showed up to feast on pancakes and sausage, make masks, and share some fellowship.  Many thanks to James Marquart, who shopped and planned, cooked and cleaned!   Thanks, too, to his able assistants Joe Rutter, and Chris Donaldson for cooking and setting up.  Lorraine Deal came with her wonderful crepes—apple/raisin and Nutella—yum!  Thanks to Lorraine, we raised $ 167 for NSI!  Janet McNaughten and Bernie Castell joined the clean up crew—many hands make light work!  Thanks to all who helped!


Thank You!

A huge thanks to Carolyn Vailette (store director) and the Meier on Hilliard-Rome Rd for their generous gift of a $500 gift card as well as a box of mayonnaise and mustard packets for the Manna Lunches program.  They have also offered to continue to supply our program with mayonnaise and mustard when we are in need of them!



The ninth annual AWAKE Trade-In Bake Sale starts this Sunday, February 14. During the 10:30 am service, the children will be collecting non-food items (soap, paper products, shampoo, etc.) to donate to Neighborhood Services, Inc., which St. Stephen’s supports in many ways, as people in need are helped every week. Everyone who brings a non-food item will get a ticket for getting baked ‘goodies’ after the service. These will be in the back of the sanctuary.


Neighborhood Services, Inc. relies on the AWAKE Bake Sale for such much needed items. We ask that you bring what you can give. The AWAKE Trade-In Bake Sale lasts for five Sundays, February 14 through Sunday, March 13. No one has to give every Sunday. Know that whatever you contribute helps someone, or a family in need. Plus, when you give, you get a baked goodie!


In fact, AWAKE will spend February 14 in the kitchen, making baked goodies! So, we need all children there, helping to make and bake! Chef Jen Schmeid will lead the effort.


NSI Donations for Easter

St. Stephen’s has been asked to collect cans or plastic bottles (no glass bottles) of fruit for the Easter baskets.  Our goal is 400 cans/bottles of any kind of fruit.  Bring the fruit to church by Sunday, March 13.


Columbus Lenten School

Feb. 16 & 23; Mar. 1 & 8 at St. John’s, Worthington

6:30 – 8:15 pm



To register, just e-mail The Rev. George Glazier at

Detailed information is in this brochure: LentenSchool 2016 Course flier


The Circle: Exploring the Art of Storytelling

Thursday, February 18


Java Central Coffee Shop in Uptown Westerville

20 South State Street

Host:  Fr. Joseph Kovitch, St. Matthew’s Episcopal Parish

To those between 8 and 180 who seek to unplug from digital media and connect to the human experience through the art of storytelling.  Whether you are a professional, a novice, or a seeker, come spend an evening with great spoken stories and discover the dance between teller and listener.

Special storytellers this month are STEPHEN SMITH, Rector of St. Patrick’s Dublin, and RICK McCRACKEN-BENNETT, Retired Rector of All Saints, New Albany.   Enjoying these fine storytellers, along with three others, is an excellent way to spend a winter evening.

Please come.


Building Responsibility, Equality and Dignity (BREAD)

Faith has invited us to celebrate a holy Lent by becoming doers of justice. One way to do this is to become part of the justice ministry at St. Stephen’s. On Sunday February 21st, after the 10:30 service, BREAD’s Justice Ministry Network will gather in Hobson Hall. If you were a Justice Ministry Network member last year or would like to be one this year, you are invited.


Justice Ministry Network members bring at least 3 people to the Nehemiah Action on Monday May 9th, and attend 3 other BREAD meetings during the year. Since we will have a bus at St. Stephen’s on May 9th to take us to the Action – and a potluck supper to get us ready –  the “bringing” is pretty easy. We do need you to invite, cajole, urge and remind your friends and fellow parishioners to come to the Action. This is our opportunity to do justice. Our power to create change comes from the number of people we turn out for this meeting.


So come and pick the names of those you want to invite from our new directory. You’ll hear updates on BREAD concerns from team members, and learn what this year’s Action will be like.


With your help, BREAD Rises!


Swap Shop for our Sisters

‘Women’s Swap for our Sisters’ will be held in Hobson Hall on Saturday, February 27. This is sponsored by Women Have Options-Ohio, and it raises money for women’s reproductive health services. From 11:00 am until 6:00 pm that day, people can come and get donated clothing for LOW Prices!  NOTE; if anyone would like to volunteer, we could use some help on Friday evening, from 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm, sorting and setting up. We could also use help on Saturday the 27th as well. If you are available to help, contact Jeff Watters. This is a great cause!



Meeting Alzheimer’s: A Hope Filled and Inspiring Workshop for Caregivers

Saturday, April 23

9am-12noon (8:30 sign in and hospitality)

Kendall at Granville 2158 Columbus Rd. Granville, OH

Discover how persons with Alzheimer’s reveal to us the true value of life –theirs and ours.  This program teaches about the disease and its behavioral changes, how to adopt an attitude of affirmation and acceptance, ways to reduce conflict and stress, how to have a meaningful relationship, and how our loved ones make a positive difference in our lives.  We will also tach exercise for creating positive interactions and provide hope for healing and transformation.

Presenter Rev. Mary Raysa brings her personal experience of traveling the Alzheimer’s journey with her father and brother, as well as her formal training to the presentation.

For information or to register, call 614-537-3972 or email


Reminder:  If you’re mailing something to the church, especially time-sensitive materials, we recommend using the PO Box!  St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, PO Box 82263

Columbus, OH 43202