Adult Formation

Book Club

All are welcome anytime.  Size of the gathering varies each time, as folks are able to attend.  Sometimes we have 8, sometimes we have 20, or some number in between.  And, truly, everyone is welcome to the monthly meetings. Updates

Speaker Series

Periodically, Adult Formation includes a speaker series.  In the past, the series has included the Rev. Marcus Borg and the Rt. Rev. John Spong (Diocese of Newark). The 2015-16 series includes the Rev. Dr. Roger Ferlo, dean and president of Bexley Seabury Seminary Foundation.  On Sun., Nov. 15th, Dr. Ferlo will speak on Ancient Mamre: Reingaging the Biblical Imagination.  On Sat., Jan. 30th, the Rt. Rev. Thomas Breidenthal (Diocese of Southern Ohio) will be the speaker with the topic TBD.

The Gratitude Project

The Gratitude Project is the theme for the 2015-16 year round Stewardship program  at St. Stephen’s, for which there is an adult formation component.  The first quarter of the project included a workshop entitled Glass Half Full , identifying assets and gifts of our membership.   The second quarter includes a weekly reflection on what members have been grateful for each week in November, and includes consideration of sharing our abundance through an annual pledge.  The third quarter will focus on planning our future with intentionality and include workshops on developing or updating advanced directives, living wills and powers of attorney. The final quarter will focus on stewardship of the environment and may include the children in a project involving the parish courtyard.

Collect Writing

The liturgical reading selectors also practice spiritual discipline and biblical exploration while identifying and reflecting on poetry or and prose that expand our view of the scriptural readings.

Bible Study

Liturgical Groups

As a matter of spiritual discipline and biblical exploration, collect writers read, reflect and write the opening collect once or twice a quarter based on the weekly scriptural texts.