A Sustainable Life

We were so fortunate this past Season of Creation to have four of our members come forward and share their ways of living a sustainable life. Here’s a summary so that you can go back to review their tips:

Sustainable Commuting
Stuart Hobbes told us about the value of bus commuting, how it was good for the environment and gave passengers time to think, observe, or work on something. The post also has links to other ways you can commute without adding more CO2 to the environment.

Alternatives to Plastic in Your Home
Lorraine Deal brought three tablefulls of products she has found to replace their plastic equivalents. She also brought cleaning products that do not use petrochemicals. The post includes pictures of her display and a list of products and where to buy them, online and locally.

Creating a Pollinator Garden
Susan Burghes showed off the pollinator garden of native plants she planted behind the church and gave tips and wrote an essay about the importance of planting gardens like this on your property, not only for the pollinators, but to maintain biodiversity. Children were enthusiastic about the garden and asked many questions, which Susan was happy to answer.

Becoming a Creation Advocate
Member Michelle Pham, an environmental activist as well as a graduate student at OSU in entomology, told us about her life as an advocate and activist for a sustainable world. A sustainable life cannot stop at home. If governments and corporations cannot be pushed to take meaningful steps to stop CO2 pollution, all the creation care we can do at home will be insufficient to save millions of lives from drought and unbearable heat. On this post you will find Michelle’s list of organizations she supports as well as other lobbying organizations. There is also a directory of all of the national, state and county elected officials from Franklin County with links to city and suburban officials. Chop Wood, Carry Water provides phone scripts for many issues, including environmental ones.

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