A Note from the New Rector, October 6 2016

Dear People of St. Stephen’s,


Thank you so much for your warm welcome last Sunday. And thanks also to those who brought extra treats for coffee hour – a festive occasion!


As I write this I am finishing up moving to Columbus from Northern Virginia. Turned out to be a major challenge on various fronts involving driving a lot of UHaul trucks and also meeting lots of nice people. Thank you for all your help. The week of October 9 I will be available for meetings, appointments, lunch, and high tea as requested. My email for St. Stephen’s use is Rebecca_Michelfelder@icloud.com.  If you call me on the church phone number, it will immediately forward to my cell phone and I can talk with you wherever I can get Verizon reception. Likewise you can text me at 206-499-2821. I keep my phone with me all the time; 24/7 so I can be available in an emergency. Do be aware that if you text me in the middle of the night it NORMALLY will wake me up. If you get no response from an emergency midnight text, please call the phone number and that for sure will wake me up.  In a couple of weeks as I learn the rhythm of St. Stephen’s I will decide on computer sabbath days and days off and let you know. Until then do not hesitate to contact me.


Finally, my primary goal between now and the first of the year is to get to know you all. Do send me a note about yourself (pictures will get you 10,000 points!), your passions, your life. I would love to know especially how you came to St. Stephen’s and what keeps you coming back and anything else you would like to share. You will hear plenty about me as the weeks go on, I’m sure, but for now I want you to know that I am glad to be here and am looking forward to discerning with you all where God is calling us next on our journey together.



Becky M.+