A Comprehensive Look at Controlling Our Use of Plastic

Single-use plastic is a big problem, damaging the environment, killing marine life, breaking down into micro-pellets that are even found in the human blood stream. But our individual efforts to wean ourselves from plastic is insufficient unless we attack the problem systemically. Christy Walters owns one of our local eco-friendly stores, Reuse Revolution, which sells plastic-free housewares, personal grooming products and refills of detergents and lotions. She also writes an excellent monthly newsletter on environmental issues. (You can subscribe at the bottom of the website.)

In a recent newsletter she not only promoted Plastic Free July but also wrote about the many other ways we, as a society can begin tackling our over reliance on plastic and its subsequent pollution. Her article is well worth reading, and you can find it here.

Thanks for your commitment to caring for God’s creation!

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